>  I am trying use SVG image in <fo:external-graphic ..>. (I have fop-0.20.4
> ,JDK 1.3 ) in my xsl file.
> I have fop.jar , batik.jar in place.
>  But when I am not getting the image in the output within the application(I
> am using Webshpere 3.5)
> The error is -
> Could not load external SVG: null
> Error while creating area : No ImageReader for this type of image

This probably means your SVG is not recognized as such.
If you included the SVG DTD, make sure it is accessible.
Otherwise, make sure you declared and used one of the
SVG namespaces Batik understands.
Use the -d flag to get a full stack trace, it could
provide more hints.


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