I've implemented some code in the TextLayoutManager that keeps an eye on the TLM's 
lack of progress in laying out its content and that, after 100 repeated attempts with 
no progress, gives up the ghost, assuming that, after 100 tries with no progress, 
chances are good that it's going to never progress (causing an infinite loop).  I've 
run this against the tests and it doesn't seem to have any adverse behavior.  It also 
properly bails out of the testcases for bug #8778.  However, since exception throwing 
is currently not permitted in the LayoutManager interface, the TLM gives up by 
throwing a RuntimeException, which I don't have to specify in a throws clause.

Before I offer the patch, I thought I'd ask those with more seniority than me- would a 
checked exception be preferred?  I can make the necessary changes, but it'd change a 
LOT more code (since there'd been a need for try/catch blocks and the like all over 
the place), and this patch is to fix up an infrequent condition on a branch of code 
we're not going to progress down much further.


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