RamanaJV wrote:
>       I'm trying to fix the memory snag in the AWT viewer. I experimented
> with other formats too and found that the memory obstacle also exist (not
> much as AWT viewer, but it is there) at the Area Tree construction too.
> Could an experienced FO developer, help me where actually the memory is
> leaking at the area tree construction phase. I'm also trying with JProfiler
> and it is not giving any fruitful results. 

If you've monitored both the dev and the user list, you should
already have some points to start from.
Some things to look at are objects which are too fat and object
instances which hang around in memory long after they are no
longer needed. Some samples from the maintenance branch:
- links cause areas for the the whole line they are in to hang
   in memory until the page sequence FO they are in is discarded
- markers cause the page sequence FO they are in to stay until
   FOP finishes
- WordArea inherits a whole bunch of unnecessary data fields
   from Area.
- Area itself is already rather fat, it may make sense to have
   a leaner object for example for the common case of borderless

The question is: fixing any of the problems enumerated above
is a real lot of work. Giving that the maintenance code will
be abandoned anyway, will the work ever pay off?


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