Hello all
I have found that when attempting to render an SVG to pdf if the image
contains mixed text and line objects such as paths, rect's, etc. which are
grouped, if the group is rotated [by either rotate() or matrix()] by an
angle <=8, the text is transformed correctly while the path remains
unrotated.  If the angle of rotation is >=9 the path (or rect, line, etc.)
is rotated correctly.
for example,

<svg width="1395" height="1747">
  <g transform="rotate(-9) translate(-13.5791 189.397) translate(-10.6777
    <text x="145px" y="209px" transform="translate(-86.6667 -48)
font-size="116" font-family="Arial" font-weight="bold">P</text>
    <text x="607px" y="289px" transform="translate(-602.667 -166.667)
translate(612.111 247.356) scale(0.965631 1) translate(-612.111 -247.356)
scale(0.964408 1) fill="rgb(0,0,0)" font-size="116" font-family="Arial"
    <path d="M52.7692 81.1538 L1113.88 82.1267" transform="translate(1113.88
81.6403) scale(0.988691 1)  fill="none" stroke="rgb(0,0,0)"
    <path transform="translate(0.992548 0.121852) scale(1.01556 1)"
fill="none" stroke="rgb(0,0,0)" stroke-width="4" d="M1164 -6 L1164 1569 L-3
1569 L-3 -6 z"/>

The image is correctly displayed by the current version of Batik.  So I'm
wondering if this is still a problem with Batik or with FOP or both.  Anyone
have any ideas about this and is there any workaround available?  If this a
new defect, should I report it further than this?  If so, point me to
instructions for Bugzilla.

thanks in advance,
   Matthew L. Avizinis <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Gleim Publications, Inc.
   4201 NW 95th Blvd.
 Gainesville, FL 32606
      www.gleim.com <http://www.gleim.com>

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