Paul Hussein wrote:

> Al I want is an editor that that works with FO only.

I don't know of anything out there right now that does what you are looking
for. FO is not intended to be an editable format, but rather an intermediate
format. The advantage to using FO is that it can be created pretty easily
(using XSLT) from semantic XML. If you don't need that advantage, but need a
WYSIWIG editor and PDF output, and don't mind paying for it, I would
recommend either Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker. Word's limitations are
well-known, and FrameMaker has two that were major for us -- lack of Unicode
support, and some footnote problems. There are other page layout engines
that can create PDF as well, some with XML integration -- Arbortext comes to
mind, but I am much less familiar with their products.

In the long run, I am hopeful that some method will be devised that will
allow the FO document to be tied back to its original semantic XML document
so that the semantic XML document could be reconstructed from the
WYSIWIG-editable FO document (or area tree document). A user could open a
document pointing to 1) the semantic XML document, and 2) the appropriate
stylesheet, edit it in a WYSIWIG session, then save the underlying semantic
XML and stylesheet documents. This would be the best of all worlds, but I do
not even yet have a clear idea that it is feasible. I agree strongly with
Rhett that there is quite a bit of work left to just get FOP's existing
mission completed, but the great thing about open source is that no one can
(or would want to) stop you from working on such a project if you wished.

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