Hello there!

Please review my humble thoughts about awt viewer redesign.
1. First of all some classes seems to be completely unused. Among them
UserMessage, MessagesDialog and MessageException. Unfortunately I cannot
read german, but afaiu they probably supposed to provide localizable
option dialogs, exception etc for something more powerful than awt
viewer is at the moment. Do we need them?
2. awt viewer should take over caching of rendered pages in order to
simplify awt renderer.
3. awt viewer uses notion of language in its l10n stuff instead of more
standard and robust native java Locale class. This is so actually due to
the next point.
4. awt viewer is backing SecureResourceBundle with proprietary
LoadableProperties. This approach has pros and contras:
- no support for Locale
- no support for properties cascading
- duplicating of jre code
+ UTF-8 encoded properties files.
Reasonable alternative is using PropertyResourceBundle class, which 
doesn't have these minuses and the only disadvantage of using it would 
be the necessity to convert all resource files to latin1 encoding using 
native2ascii and IMO this is not a very serious problem, one can always 
use native2ascii -reverse in order to get human readable file.
I have modified awt viewer to using ResourceBundle this weekend and it 
looks more robust to me and works fine (I have only verified english and 
russian locales though).

Oleg Tkachenko
eXperanto team
Multiconn International, Israel

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