Gilles Beaugeais wrote:
> I have embedded FOP in a java application and I want
> to use my application to generate some PDF in different languages.
> When I generate the first PDF, PDF FOP runs well, but when I
> want to generate another PDF, the second PDF uses the graphics of
> the first document.
> For exemple :
> - First document is "c:\om\fr\test.xml" and fop generates
> "c:\om\fr\test.pdf" well
> - Second document is "c:\om\ge\test.xml" and fop generates
> "c:\c:\om\ge\test.pdf"
> with incorrect pictures.
> I have modified the baseDir in org.apache.configuration.Configuration
> object but nothing changes.

1. What does "incorrect" pictures mean? Do you get errors, or
   empty space instead of images without errors, or wrong images?
   Don't forget to check the logs as well as stdout and stderr
   of your application for messages.
2. Can you generate all your documents with the command line
3. Try to use absolute URLs (like src="file:///om/images/foo.png")
   for the src of your fo:external-graphics. Does the problem


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