Oleg and Peter,

Here's the latest iteration of the fo schema. Could someone commit it? The only change is to allow % in length attributes.

I believe that the schematron folks are working on a schematron validator that works as an extension to the schema (By adding schematron extensions to the <documentation> element.) I cetainly can't work on anything of that magnitude for a while (months+) since this one catches all of the mistakes that my team is likely to make.

If anyone wants to take on the task of extending the schema with schematron asserts. Feel free.

Chuck Paussa

> Hello!

> I've been thinking about fop users most confused questions and then about general
> solution for detection input tree related errors and finally I arrived at the old idea
> (raised already on the list) of input tree validation.
> Why not? It's quite simple to create schematron schema for xsl-fo, define
> understandable asserts, then compile it into xsl stylesheet (or even into java class using
> xalan's xsltc) during fop building and use it as optional sax filter at run-rime.

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