Peter B. West wrote:

> (Aside: I disagree with the "only model that seems to work" bit.  Not
> everyone has a short attention span.)

Well, there is probably a reason that I see you frequently checking code
into the repository. Even when I am working with code that is torn apart and
spread out all over the place, knowing that I have 1000 changes that I need
to make, I still want to frequently check in incremental improvements to
that code. I use it partly as a safety net, and partly as a way to delineate
logical progression of thought. If there is an abundant supply of
programmers out there who have attention spans that preclude the need for
that, then there would be no need at all for source code control.

> An important point to make about FOP is that a conscious decision was
> made some time ago that the redesign would stick with the existing
> framework and not be a ground-up reworking.  The methodological changes
> now being discussed are only possible because of that decision, strongly
> argued by Keiron, I believe.

It is not hard to see that the new code came out of the old. The question
still remains whether the two are now so far apart that they cannot or
should not be merged. Since you write more about this in a later posting,
please see my reply to that posting, which will follow.

Victor Mote

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