Joerg, Keiron, et al:

I want to add my congratulations for the good work on the new web site. It
not only looks good, but loads noticeably faster on my connection. I also
see (and like) the "dev" tab.

As I understand it, the web site will eventually be updated daily
automatically. This raises the question in my mind of how we (or any other
project for that matter) will handle the differences between released
versions and versions under development. Right now, for example, we have
some doc that is basically for 0.20.4, and that we would want most users to
find. However, we also have docs that are being updated frequently that are
related to 1.0 (or the trunk or HEAD, if you will), which developers will
want to find, and which those using cvs will want to find. I think it is
useful to have both of these on our web site, perhaps on different tabs

Also, I have an html document that pulls together our "Implemented" and
"Limitations" pages into one table with a column for each of the
implementation compliance levels, color-coded to show what is complete and
what is not. I did not see a DTD on the Forrest web site that fits this type
of information. However, it looks like we can tell it not to validate
certain documents. I'll be glad to convert it to XML with a stylesheet for
HTML, or submit it as HTML. I'll also be glad to build and submit a DTD to
Forrest, as this might be useful for other projects as well. I'm just not
sure what is easier for you guys to deal with right now. What do you prefer?

Victor Mote

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