Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:

Bugzilla allows queries to be saved (per-user at least), you might be able to
create a named query with the appropriate parameters and call it from a URL
by giving only the query name (but I didn't try it). This would prevent those
URLs from being too long, which might cause them to be broken by old browsers.
I just tried named query, it works this way:
But that obviously works only on per-user basis so I don't see any profit we can get here. I personally like another approach, I see bugzilla primary as database therefore it have to provide pure data, e.g. in rdf or rss format (and latest bugzilla builds do support that, but not's one).
And having data-oriented xml we could present it in any form we like, e.g. what about embedding buglist into forrest (I have no idea if it's possible though).

Oleg Tkachenko
eXperanto team
Multiconn Technologies, Israel

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