Rhett Aultman wrote:
I still think it's critical that we put some time into working on the infinite looping

I have a bug related to infinite looping assigned to me, and as soon as I'm done taking the GRE tomorrow (wishes of luck appreciated), I'll have the time to devote to it.
Viel Glück! (just checked GRE with Google - Graduate Record Examination?)

By the way, I keep saying this, but I never get a response- I cannot find downloadable CVS snapshots of the maintenance branch on the FOP website, and the 0.20.4 src package didn't have any .java files in it the last time I tried downloading it.  I could just be nuts, though.  Has anyone noticed this?  I can't do CVS checkouts from work.
I just ssh'd to www.apache.org and it seems ok. Maybe you're using a buggy tar?


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