On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 17:39, Victor Mote wrote:
> The purpose of the 13325 patch was to get the pdf generation working again.
> Christian tried to apply it, but said that he got errors. I reviewed it,
> couldn't see anything obviously wrong with it. However, I am not sure what
> the nature of the errors were either -- it needs to be applied to the trunk,
> but you must use a build off of the maintenance branch to build the doc. It
> may also very well be pointed to documents that don't exist anymore, as it
> seems like you have changed the directory structure some. Please let me know
> if I need to rework it. Also, it was not a perfect implementation, but
> rather a step in the right direction. I hope to get a couple more passes at
> it before 0.20.5 is released.

Unfortunately that patch doesn't really apply anymore.
It may be able to work in a similar way but it needs to go through
forrest+cocoon to get the sitemap conversions and other things.
We will need a xslt that does documents to document conversion by
loading the documents from the book.xml files.

So yes it will need reworking, this will need some forrest knowledge but
a documents2document stylesheet would be a good start.


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