Hi all,

I've worked out (and will submit via bugzilla) both
an explanation and a solution to the text measuring & layout
problems that I reported recently in the awt and
awt/print renderers.

I believe it makes sense to add the changes to the maintenance
branch (in the event that there is ever an 0.20.5 release);
in turn, they will be useful to inform the awt and awt/print renderer
in the redesign, so I'll separately submit them to there if necessary.

It's been a while since I've sent in patches, and wanted to check
whether the preferred course is to submit the full sources (it affects
3 source files), or only diffs. And, if diffs, should they be
against current CVS or against the 0.20.4 release.

btw: Seems to me that
used to contain daily (twice daily?) snapshots
of the latest source-in-progress. Did that change?

' Best,

<apologies if this gets to you twice - I sent it to the mailing list earlier this morning;
as of now, ~4 hours later, it hadn't appeared in my inbox.>

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