W. Eliot Kimber wrote:

> My frustration stems from the fact that FOP, as good as it is, is simply
> not ready for general use--it implements too few features of FO and has
> too many implementation bugs to be considered a candidate for any sort
> of production use except in the most constrained use cases.

The first part of this statement is probably true, the second seems biased
toward your personal experiences. I think there are quite a few places where
FOP is used in a production environment.

> My frustration is not that FOP can't do this stuff--it is still in early
> development--but that the FOP documentation doesn't make it clear that
> it can't do this stuff. If one reads the documentation, including the
> limitations, it would appear that FOP implements almost everything in
> FO--the list of features listed as explicitly not supported is very
> short. But my tests, and a look at the FOP to-dos, make it clear that
> FOP is much more limited. This leads to a serious mismatch between
> expectations and reality.

Fair enough. I submitted and Keiron committed to the CVS repository this
past week a document that attempts to do a better job of this. It combines
the "implemented" and "limitations" pages with a complete list of the
objects and properties in the standard. It has a place to list comments. I
am not sure what the cycle is for updating our web site from the CVS docs
right now, but I think that document will be visible after the next update.
The truth is that this document will need to be heavily updated to give the
complete picture, but I think it is a step in the right direction, and gives
us a place to pull this information together. I encourage you to look for it
on the FOP web site(entitled "Compliance"), and then help us get it cleaned
up. If you don't want to download & change the CVS, send your comments to me
& I'll work on getting them into the doc.

Some of our most valuable developers have invested quite a bit into getting
the documentation system more automated (using Apache Forrest). That is
starting to bear fruit, but the truth is that our doc content has gotten a
bit backed up while that effort was underway. If you have an interest in
helping us get the doc up to speed, then you jumped in a good time.

> Thus, I would like to urge the FOP team to be more clear about the
> current limitations in FOP--list every property value and required
> behavior that isn't yet implemented. Also, be clear that, at its current
> level of development, FOP is not suited for production use. It's fine

I agree with the clarity part, but the judgment call about production use
should be left to the user.

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