Keiron Liddle wrote:

> I'm not really sure what is the source of the problem.
> A few of the patches had hunks failing and some worked with fuzz
> offsets. One error meesage I got was that it couldn't find the ">"
> character on line 9, so I went to line 9 and found the ">" character, of
> course it was really looking for "> ".

Well, that was probably my bad for not using the universal diff format (I
need to start doing these at 2pm instead of 2am). The behavior I saw a few
minutes ago makes me think that IE may be getting confused by the fact that
these patches are for XML files, and that it is treating them as such
instead of as plain old text files.

> Maybe archiving the patch might work better.

I'll try to remember to do that.

> Anyway there are better ways of solving this problem.

I do not understand.

Victor Mote

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