At 14:53 19/11/02, W. Eliot Kimber wrote:
As I mentioned in another forum, I have a fairly comprehensive set of samples, both contrived and realistic, that are available to any implemmentors. I'd be happy to provide these to the FOP team--

If no one else has the time then I will take these and try to incorporate them into a subdirectory of docs/examples
I am not a committer - but supposedly look after the FAQ

(I don't personally have lots of time as I am doing publicity for myself in London looking for XML publishing work - but this sounds so important to help with the uptake of FOP that I'll make the time).

I don't really want to change the samples if they use XSL:FO features not implemented by FOP, but I may move them into a separate "not yet implemented" directory.

Are the XSL:FO files self documenting? do they say in the generated pdf what should appear?

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