I've just committed a fix to CVS that corrects Type 1 font embedding.
PFB files encoded in PC format (as described in the spec #5040) were not
decoded which I think leads to errors on certain RIP engines. Due to
lack of such a machine I can't test if this really fixes the error but
it is nonetheless a likely reason for failure. I'll write to that little
group of people I think have experienced this problem to find out if
this really improved things.

The PFB parser I've written checks if the PFB file is encoded in PC
format. If it's not, the file is parsed in exactly the same way it was
parsed before I applied the bugfix. I call that format the RAW format.

There's another one: MAC format. I haven't written a parser for this one.
So if Mac users want to embedd Type1 fonts they should also use the PC
format fonts right now.

Will also add this to the trunk soon.

- Adobe, Supporting Downloadable PostScript Language Fonts (#5040)
found here: http://partners.adobe.com/asn/developer/technotes/fonts.html

Jeremias Maerki

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