Hi everyone,

Has anyone else noticed that the "ascender" values calculated for some TrueType fonts by the TTFReader seem to be very large? I have found this at least for the MS versions of Arial. It makes it look like there is a lot of leading (line-height) when there is not.

In TTFFile.java, in the method readHorizontalHeader (used to read the "hhea" table, there is the following comment.

ascender = in.readTTFShort(); // Use sTypoAscender in "OS/2 table?

In fact, the ascender values in the OS/2 table are smaller. In the OpenType specification, it says that the "hhea" values are Macintosh-specific. The commentary seems to indicate that the OS/2 values are closer to representing the actual font characteristics.

At least for Arial, I certainly prefer the smaller values, but I haven't used other TTF fonts. Any opinions on this? If we make the change, it will change calculated font values and therefore have an effect on layout.

Karen Lease

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