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This is the question that everyone has to answer.  Blind faith that that 
the problem can be solved by simply hurling onself at it is not enough. 
  I'm not saying that Keiron and Karen are in that situation, but I 
suspect that others are.  An elegant and comprehensive plan of attack, 
including a design approach that can confidently be expected to crack 
the toughest problems, may exist in their imaginations, but it needs to 
be made manifest before any sort of team attack can be made on the problems.

This is something I'd really like to see hashed out better.  We're winding down on the 
maintenance brach.  I've read a majority of the source in HEAD other than the 
renderers (which I don't feel qualified or interested in, anyway), and I understand 
the ideas in there, but I don't see the line of attack we want to take with this.  

I, personally, would like to see some objectives and plans laid out that I and others 
can follow, especially with respect to the layout mechanisms.  I'm doing my best to be 
involved and follow the lead of the committers here, but the lead's not clear.  With 
respect to the layout system, Keiron has explained a few of the smaller aspects of 
what should happen when he's got the whole thing together, and I would like to help in 
making that happen, but I really feel that I can't until I see the plan.  As a 
developer, I'm following the lead of my committers.

My personal problems aside, we're approaching a maintenance freeze, right?  Shouldn't 
that mean it's time to figure out what our next step is going to be in a very clear 
way and keep hashing this out until we've got a list of tasks to complete?

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