Nerver having used it, I am not aware of its capabilities. As I don't develop in a Microsoft environment, and have no access to MS Visual C++, and I don't run in a Solaris environment, my options for trying this are limited.

If anyone else want to have a look I would be interested in the results. I am particularly interested in memory usage, which, prima facie, looks good. 9 megs total memory usage for 51 pages of FO tree sounds very encouraging to me, although I have called these preliminary because I am not certain that everything that needs to be created has been created.

Unfortunately, since FOP was changed to trigger layout on the end element of a page-sequence, no complete FO tree is built in the current versions. There are, however, only two page sequences in the fo file, so the simple solution may be to remove the the smaller of these for the comparisons.


Rhett Aultman wrote:
Hmmm...maybe we could use a JVM profiler like jProf (http://starship.python.net/crew/garyp/jProf.html) for this?

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Peter B. West wrote:

Herewith the preliminary results of running the alt.design FO tree build against the 51 page test document supplied by Bertrand.
What is included in this measurement? I presume it's fo parsing, userconfig processing and fo tree buiding?

Thanks for the

file Bertrand. The file yields a tree of 11044 nodes. The pull buffer is set to 64, the maximum size of the FoXMLEvent pool is 74, and the total number of FoXMLEvent objects created is 78 (next event id -1).

The sytem is a 256Mb PII laptop running Sun's Java 1.4.1 under Redhat 7.3.

Elapsed time from the beginning of org.apache.fop.apps.Fop main to the end of the FO tree build is 15960. The preorder scan of the tree takes that to 16176.

The test is run within a 'time' command with the results
18.02s real 11.71s user 0.24s system
It's rather interesting to compare it with the trunk code. But I believe we need real profiler software results to make any serious conclusions.

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