I noticed that the recent 0.20.5rc began generating an error when you
deliver a table-cell that is not first in a table-row.  The error is found
in TableCell.java of package org.apache.fop.fo.flow, line 101:
        if (!(parent instanceof TableRow)) {
            throw new FOPException("A table cell must be child of

According to the recommendation a cell can exist as a child of a
table-body as well as a table-row (see page 133 of 15 October 2001 XSL
Recommendation).  In addition, the property starts-row (see 7.26.15)
implies that you can spit out cells in a kind of implicit row, and then
declare that a new row should begin.

I don't want to turn this into a user question, but I actually came up
against this issue.  From an XSLT, I want to ouput up to 12 small
calendars.  Given a list of calendar months, If I can use starts-row, I
can simply use the mod operator to break to a new row once I exceed a
maximum position().  Otherwise I have to get fancier with the XSLT.

I also noticed that the recent snapshot, 20030103052138, does not have
this condition and related error.  However, starts-row remains unused.

I'm a relative newbie to Java, but I am willing to hunt for a solution to
this problem (what I view as a problem).  Problem is, I'm a newbie to
working on Open Source code too.  I already have a commercial interest in
your product, and that interest will likely intensify in the near future.

Your thoughts will be appreciated.
-Jarrod Stenberg

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