Hi all,
I think there are still some problems with regard to our documentation.
1. There is a src/documentation/content/design/alt.design with some
  HTML files
2. There's also a src/documentation/content/xdocs/design/alt.design
  with some more XML files
3. Furthermore there is a docs/design/alt.design with even more files,
  apparently diagrams and figures.
This keeps confusing me: is it forrest which forces these files to be
scattered all over the directory structure? I'd think they could be
a) better grouped together
b) better separated from the other documentation files.

In general, having both a docs and src/documentation is a permanent
source of confusion for me. If possible, this should be cleaned up a bit:
- Move docs/examples to examples.
- Move docs/graphics somewhere into src/documentation/content (it is
  content after all, or isn't it?).
- Somehow get rid of docs/xml-docs, in particular move docs/xml-docs/data
  into src/documentation/content.
- Move docs/foschema somewhere else, perhaps to the toplevel like examples
  or to src/documentation/resources.
- The docs/design/fo_impl could probably be deleted. Are there reasons
  to keep it?

Further, why do we have two xml2pdf.xsl and, even more confusing, an
additional FAQ in src/documentation/content/xdocs/dev which seems to be
more or less the same as the "regular" FAQ? In fact, the complete
src/documentation/content/xdocs/dev directory is a mystery to me.
Also there are fo directories in src/documentation/content/xdocs and
src/documentation/content/xdocs/dev. Are they supposed to be resources
for download? I'd rather find a way to link into the examples directory.

If this is all caused by Forrest, I'm disappointed with this tool. Having a
foul mix of docs for HEAD and the maintenance code is bad enough, but
having examples, downloadable ressources, graphics and SVG and finally
the docs for another code branch scattered all over the place is too much
for me.

I'd be glad to hear comments.

Ah, I've committed a validation task for the xdocs. This won't work without
an Ant 1.5 optional.jar, and probably the path to the xml-forrest check out
must be adjusted for others. I'm not proud of copying the whole forrest
catalog.xcat (<- another file extension I've reasons to object) into the build
file, perhaps I should use an XSLT task to generate a task specific buildfile
and use <ant> to call it.


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