Joerg Pietschmann wrote:
Hi all,
I think there are still some problems with regard to our documentation.
1. There is a src/documentation/content/design/ with some
  HTML files
2. There's also a src/documentation/content/xdocs/design/
  with some more XML files
3. Furthermore there is a docs/design/ with even more files,
  apparently diagrams and figures.
This keeps confusing me: is it forrest which forces these files to be
scattered all over the directory structure? I'd think they could be
a) better grouped together
b) better separated from the other documentation files.

If this is all caused by Forrest, I'm disappointed with this tool. Having a
foul mix of docs for HEAD and the maintenance code is bad enough, but
having examples, downloadable ressources, graphics and SVG and finally
the docs for another code branch scattered all over the place is too much
for me.

The current state of the docs is partially a result of my pressuring Keiron to migrate the docs across. I am in the process of updating and extending that documentation. I will look to removing the remaining files from docs/design/ in the next week. At the moment these are source files for dia, which I was using to generate some diagrams. Most of them will be removed, but some will survive, and will have to find a home, with other diagram sources (e.g. OpenOffice drawing files) in the src/documentation tree.

The HTML files in src/documentation/design/ will remain as part of the documentation, taking advantage of the recent resolutions in forrest-dev. They are generated with htmlize.el plus a short perl script which was necessary because of my lack of elisp skills. It's the only way I can see to achieve the documentation results that I want, but I'm not the only one to require files generated outside forrest.


1) Yes, as explained above, and necessary whenever forrest cannot generate the particular file you want;
2) The standard approach which provides the framework for the documentation;
3) A historical artefact, which will soon go away.

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