> Bernd Brandstetter wrote:
> > feeling inspired by your's and Oleg's suggestions and also a little bit 
> > bored this Sunday afternoon, I thought I'll take the chance and improve my 
> > Gimping skills. Here's the result :-)
> Not bad. Something like this I meant. But (sorry for being critical, it's art, 
> not coding :): why it's sitting back to us. F and P are too simple. And I'm 
> not sure about scalability - e.g. how it'll look 3cmX2cm?

Why don't we announce a competition.

Set out some basic rules, provide somewhere to put the images and for others to 
make comments.
The image could be any format but the final result should be SVG. There are some 
basic sizes, logo image, powered by size, others?

Could a wiki page handle this?

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