Victor Mote wrote:

It might be good to have a time window for submissions & a separate time
window for voting. If everybody went out and voted today, we would have a
lot of extra votes for the moose that might not be there after the choices
are all visible  (just kidding -- I like our logo).
Makes sense. But then we have to have separate pages for submissions and voting as there is no way to prevent voting on web poll page. Anyway those votes are just public opinions and I'd reserve jury rights for us. And I removed those moose (I had it just because poll require 2 options).

Also, it would be good
to state that everyone should vote only once (honor system).
I belive this particular polling system block double voting using IP and coookie, anyway lets add a appeal.

- everyone can participate
- no reward except for pride
- winner image is donated to apache under ASL, but authorship is preserved
- final result should be in SVG (is it required/feasible?)
- reasonable size
- everyone can vote, but only fop team picks out the winner
- duration - one month
- where to put images:
o contestant's site
o our place
- please vote only once (honor system)
We have to place the rules somewhere and then if nobody objects we can start it.

If you need a place to put the images, I'll be happy to put them on my site.

Oleg, here is the URL for Bernd Brandstetter's submission the other day:

Oleg Tkachenko
eXperanto team
Multiconn Technologies, Israel

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