I've read the PDF/X FAQ and there seems to be more than only PDF/X-3.
There are at least 5 standards. Scary thing.

Anyway, I think it should be possible to make the PDF library
configurable to generate PDF 1.3 only. But implementing even one of the
PDF/X standards can't be a current topic for us comitters during this
phase of the redesign. But if you like to contribute to this we're happy
to apply patches you send.

I've added this to our todo list here: 

On 11.01.2003 19:32:03 Arnd Bei▀ner wrote:
> Since you are currently discussing PDF 1.3 vs. 1.4 issues, there's one 
> thing not
> all of you may be aware of:
> There's a relatively new standard called PDF/X-3. This is basically PDF 
> 1.3
> with a number of restrictions. Some can be handled by the user (all fonts
> must be embedded), some others must be adhered to by the PDF generator.
> The intention of PDF/X is to standardize on a PDF subset that can be
> handled without the usual problems in the prepress business (missing or
> mismatched fonts, color mismatches, trapping etc.). 
> For more information see http://www.pdfx.info. There's also a freeware 
> preflight tool called PDF/X-3 Inspector (download URL: 
> http://www.pdfx.info/download.html).
> The reason I'm mentioning this is that one of the restrictions of PDF/X-3 
> is
> that the PDF file may not be PDF 1.4 (I'm not sure if lower than 1.3 is 
> ok).
> To pave the way for future PDF/X support, you may consider still 
> supporting
> PDF 1.3 in the redesign code tree. At least perhaps make it configurable.
> Hope this information is useful.

Jeremias Maerki

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