Hello all,

I have looked over the list and have found references to the fact that
the reference-orientation element is not currently implemented, and the
suggestion that rotating text can be accomplished by embedding svg.
However, a cursory examination of svg seems to indicate that there is no
support for external fonts (as is currently supported in FOP).

So, if I wanted to include a sidebar on a regular PDF document (8.5 x 11
text running left to right), containing a non-standard font, with the
text running top to bottom, it looks like I'm out of luck...

My questions:

1.    To the best of your knowledge (as I know this is not the SVG list)
- Does SVG support external fonts?
2.    If reference-orientation were supported, would I be able to
accomplish my task?
3.    Will reference-orientation be supported in a future release? and,
if so, when?
4.    And, finally, any other suggestions for accomplishing this using

My thanks,


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