Thanks, Victor.

I'll cross-check with what I have (Chuck Paussa's schema) and with my experience with FOP.
Is there a keyword or something else we can use to query bugzilla about these limitations? Or maybe they are not all listed?

Benoit Maisonny

Victor Mote wrote:
A couple of caveats: 1) The html version on our website is misleading
because the color-coding is scrubbed out in our forrest conversion (I am
trying to get that fixed). 2) The content applies to 0.20.5, not the main
branch. 3) The content might not be entirely accurate. It came from some
other documents, which I think were a bit out of date. It is really intended
as a good starting place. In particular, I think there are places where we
say that FOP is in compliance, but where there are some limitations that
need to be cross-referenced.

Victor Mote

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