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Firstly apologies for the HTML attached to the end of this message, I think it's something to do with the mail server which I don't have access to. I have asked about it, but I'm going on holiday tomorrow, and haven't got a reply yet.

Some thoughts on the problems with leader processing.

I have managed to reproduce the problems mentioned in the bug report, and the words actually overlap for me.

These thoughts relate to a leader in a contents or index list where leader-pattern="dots", and the enclosing block has text-align-last="justify".

When the leader is added to the line area, (src/org/apache/fop/layout/LineArea.java; addLeader), it becomes (in this case) a WordArea of dots, that fills up the rest of the current line.

When align (in src/org/apache/fop/layout/LineArea.java) is called, the calculation for padding produces a negative number (due to the line being full). This gets applied to the InlineSpaces, and to the xOffsets in the WordArea, resulting in words overlapping.

Here's some ideas:

If there's a leader in a line, then make the InlineSpaces non resizable, and make the WordArea that was generated by the leader resizable (or expand LeaderArea to cover all leaders, not just the rules).

Also, when the leader is added to the line, it should be set to minimum or optimum length (and then get stretched to size when align is called), so that following objects aren't pushed on to the next line.

I would volunteer to do this, but I'm off on holiday tomorrow, and I return on Feb 8.

Hope this helps

Iain Miller

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Christian Geisert wrote:
> Joerg has mentioned bug #15936 as showstopper to me.
> (http://nagoya.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=15936)

Actually, I can't reproduce it right now. I'll give it
another try tomorrow.


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