Jeremias Maerki wrote:
Run the XSL transformation alone. Using fop.bat you've done: XML --------> XSL-FO -------> PDF

The XSLT part of it is this:

XML --------> XSL-FO

(I hope the ASCII art comes out ok)

Since the comments should in theory not reach FOP it is my guess that
something's happening during the XSL transformation from XML to FO.
Xalan does that, for example. I don't know what XSLT processor you use.

If you use Xalan you can use its command line:
I think you can use the -DIAG option to get timings for the

Does that clear it up?
It helps. However, I only have fop-0.20.4 (&.5rc) installed. I also notice that in the lib/ folder I've got xalan-2.3.1.jar. Will this suffice, or do I need to install the full version of xalan. Also, the current version of xalan is 2.4.1... should I try it with that?

Lastly, I want my system to match--as closely as possible--that of my clients. What steps can I take to ensure that I can regain that "parity" for testing?

BTW, thanks for the quick replies!


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