Patrick Dean Rusk wrote:
Just today I've finally diagnosed a strangeness in my program to the fact
that using FOP to transform gives a different result sometimes than doing
the transform manually and following it with a FOP run on the .fo file.  In
my case, the difference was from having the following line in my XSL file:

	<xsl:output method="xml" indent="yes"/>

This is respected when doing the manual transform, but the FOP run seems to
treat it as "no".
You have to understand that XSLT can be a multiphase process
1. Parsing the source XML into a tree
2. Transforming the source tree into a result tree
3. Serialize the result tree.

If you run the transformation as integral part of the FO
processing, there is no serialization of the transformation
result, the FO processor takes it input directly from the
result tree of the transformation. Consequently all options
regarding result serialization are ignored. This includes
everything in the xsl:output element (you could have specified
mathod="text" :-) ) as well as disabling output escaping.


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