On 30.01.2003 18:51:31 Mark C. Allman wrote:
> Is the "fop-0_20_2-maintain" tag the source for "fop-0.20.5rc?"  

Yes, although there have already been a few commits since.

> I have
> the source code for 20.5rc via the zip download and I've fixed a few
> things (markers).

Would have been better if you got the sources from CVS instead. You need
to send us unified diffs that you can only produce with CVS.

Here's the starting point for people who want to contribute to the

> Also, what is the capability status of the main
> branch compared to the 20.5rc?

Difficult to say. It still hasn't reached the functionality of 0.20.5rc.
It's work in progress. There are certain features, though, that don't
exist in the maintenance branch. Any help in the redesign is welcome.
It's the way to version 1.0.

> I _just_ started looking at fop-dev (yesterday, in fact) so the answers
> to my questions may be right there in front of me--sorry to waste the
> bandwidth.

It's ok. :-)

Jeremias Maerki

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