Christian Geisert wrote:
Thanks for contribution but as I'm planing to do the 0.20.5 release
tomorrow (really ;-) it's just to late for it.
I want to take a closer look at this:
1.  We need to keep a list of all pages.  If a marker is referenced on a
later  page we need  to be able to retrieve the marker value.  We were
using the page queue for this but as  pages are rendered they're removed from
the queue--not good if that removes a page with a marker we'll need
later.  So I added an ArrayList called "pagesList" to hold this list.  This
might need to be optimized to only save markers from previous pages but we also
need to know things like page sequence so for now just save the entire page.
It is not necessary to store the whole page, we need just the
marker list. A page eats *lots* of memory. This is the disadvantage
of the current approach (which works perfectly well if you put a
 <fo:page-number-citation ref-id="does-not-exist"/>
somewhere on the first page where it doesn't screw the layout
In order to cater for the retrieving scopes, nested lists have to be
   +- page-list
        +- marker-list
This structure is preferably built in queuePage().


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