Ok, I worked on the patch. Some notes:

Mark C. Allman wrote:
These files just have a "mayContainMarker()" method added:
I don't understand the advantage of this. Checks for
proper FO structure are flaky anyway. You also canned
the check that a marker can be preceded by whitespace.
This is actually important.

3.  In the "searchPage()" method I relaxed the search on the current
page for the desired marker.  Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the spec
appears to say the "is-first" and "is-last" positional attributes are
preferences and not exclusionary.  So for example if we can't find a marker
that's first but we can find the marker somewhere else on the page then
return what we can, not "null/not found."  I believe that's what the XSLFO spec
intends but I could very well be wrong.
I left this as is was, because this is what people currently
use an nobody complained yet. I'll look at it again if I'm
going to implement first-including-carryover and


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