An xsl:include element exists:


NOTE: it must exist only as a child of xsl:stylesheet or xsl:transform. In other words, it must appear just below the root xsl:stylesheet element.

There is also xsl:import which is similar. I recommend picking up an XSL or XML book that explains how to use such things. You can also search google.com (like I did for this post), for more information and tutorials.

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Athalye, Rishi wrote:

We are creating a PDF by applying the XSL to the data (XML).
We are using several XSLs which present the data in different formats.
There is some content which is common for all these XSLs.
Can I do something similar to what is achievable via an include directive in
Thus, I would not have to hard-code the common content in each XSL, but it
could lie in a common include file and all these XSL's would
include it before sending it to the FO PDF renderer.

I would appreciate any help.


Rishi Athalye

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