I do know about xsl:include, import, etc. I was trying to include common
content at different locations within the page(s) for which this does not
I solved this issue by putting that content in an XML file and calling
document() from within my xsl:value-of tag.
However, that added a requirement of having that content in XML format.
This is not necessary in your normal HTML includes.
I know there are several ways of achieving this in HTML, but I wanted
something which will work for the PDF (FO)version.

I do think this was the right forum for such a question. Please read the
question properly in the future and you will save effort in typing the
educational pointers.


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An xsl:include element exists:

NOTE: it must exist only as a child of xsl:stylesheet or xsl:transform. 
In other words, it must appear just below the root xsl:stylesheet element.

There is also xsl:import which is similar. I recommend picking up an XSL 
  or XML book that explains how to use such things. You can also search (like I did for this post), for more information and tutorials.

Web Maestro Clay

p.s. Please make sure you post to the right place. fop-dev is where FOP 
Development is discussed. fop-user *might* be OK for this type of 
question, but xsl-list is the best. You can find out more about where to 
post questions on this page (in the links on the left):

p.p.s. Please take a look at this link "How to Ask Questions the Smart 
Way" for more info:

Athalye, Rishi wrote:
> Hi,
> We are creating a PDF by applying the XSL to the data (XML). We are 
> using several XSLs which present the data in different formats. There 
> is some content which is common for all these XSLs. Can I do something 
> similar to what is achievable via an include directive in HTML.
> Thus, I would not have to hard-code the common content in each XSL, but it
> could lie in a common include file and all these XSL's would
> include it before sending it to the FO PDF renderer.
> I would appreciate any help.
> Thanks.
> Rishi Athalye

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