Thanks for clarifying /BT for me. 
I have been able to get WinCVS working. So far I have
implemented QUAD_TO segment in, text
drawing and correct those color issues. I did not
implement a StrokeSVGText for PS because new
configuration mechanism has not implemented yet. Right
now I working on traits and borders, but this may take
a longer time 'cause I am kind of caught up by my own
paid project.

One question, is it possible to apply some changes I
made so far to maintainence branch or it's too late?

--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sorry for the delay. BT/ET (begin/end text object,
> see PDF specs) is
> something I took over from the PDF renderer. The
> idea behind it is to
> make the PS renderer as similar to the PDF renderer
> as possible so it's
> easy to use a differ to identify code that could be
> factored out from
> the two renderers. I've already identified a few
> candidate snippets.
> I'm sorry if this confused you. But you're right,
> the code doesn't do
> much more than moving to (0,0). The code for BT/ET
> is inspired (but
> simplified) by the PostScript code generated by
> AcrobatReader when
> converting a PDF to PostScript. Acrobat Reader
> pretty much emulates the
> PDF vocabulary in PostScript. By my doing the same I
> can make the code
> of the PS renderer very similar to the PDF renderer
> for the reason above.
> Concerning your last question: I haven't yet paid
> close attention to the
> efficiency of the code produced. I just wanted to
> get it running so you
> could continue. The matrix manipulations could
> probably be simplified.
> I hope this helps. Anyway, I'm back and ready to
> help you. If you have
> something running, even if it's not the final
> version, you can wrap up a
> diff file and I'm going to apply it. Any luck yet
> with getting CVS
> running?
> On 05.02.2003 22:18:44 Zhong Yi wrote:
> > Jeremias,
> > I am looking at your new PS rendering code. The
> /BT
> > procedure you defined there is puzzling me. I
> don't
> > understand the purpose of the procedure. It seems
> to
> > me all it does is move the point to (0, 0). If so,
> why
> > so many matrix manipulations infront of it?
> Jeremias Maerki
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