On 11.02.2003 19:10:16 J.Pietschmann wrote:
> >   Fixes a cause for a NPE. Doesn't fix the obvious bug, though.
> >   +         final String pageNumber = (area.getPage() != null 
> Dammit, does this mean the page can be already null?

Sounds like it. :-)

> In this case the following:
> >                log.error("Areas pending, text probably lost. Check Page " +
> >   +                      pageNumber +
> is basically useless. "Check Page <unknown>...", this would
> drive me crazy for certain. Are there cases where a page
> number was actually shown?

Not in the example I've examined today.

> The dropped text could be retrieved from the pending area,
> however, I think a page number to check would be really
> useful too.

When I tracked down the bug, I tought a function on LineArea would be
nice that constructs a String from its children so you get some context
in your FO file.

> Also, why does this problem get so much attention recently?
> It was mentioned only three or four times in two years!

Does it? Well, bugs are bugs, but it bugs me that they still distract us
so much from the redesign. Wouldn't life be beautiful if we didn't have
to provide support? Just kidding.

Jeremias Maerki

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