I posted a correction for a bug in HyphenationTree.java and an updated
Portuguese hyphenation file some time ago (June 2002). Since I cannot be a
direct developer (my company firewall prevents me from using CVS), someone
(sorry, I do not remember who) took upon himself the job of modifying the
source and updating the hyphenation file.
IT was probably committed to HEAD only. I've applied the patch
to HyphenationTree.java.

There is a small problem in pt.xml:
) Permission is hereby granted to copy and distribute this material provided that the
) copies are not made or distributed for commercial or lucrative purpose, and that
) the contents are not changed in any way.

Oddly enough, the replaced file has a similar license.
Keiron, Arved: is this allowed in the repository? Recently they
stomped on LGPS on infrastructure, but this seems to be even
more restrictive?


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