Sorry to bother you all again with this problem. I sent this message two
weeks ago but I forgot that I was subscribed to fop-user instead of
fop-dev. Since I saw no thread with this title, I assume the message got
wiped out. If somebody already looked into this, I apologize for the

I posted a correction for a bug in and an updated
Portuguese hyphenation file some time ago (June 2002). Since I cannot be a
direct developer (my company firewall prevents me from using CVS), someone
(sorry, I do not remember who) took upon himself the job of modifying the
source and updating the hyphenation file.

However, 0.20.5rc already has some other modifications in HyphenationTree
(new container classes) and the simple bug correction (a single '='
character is missing) for the hyphenation algorithm is still not there, as
well as the new pt hyphenation file. To use 0.20.5, I had again to modify
HyphenationTree and rebuild everything.

May someone please update the files before the definitive 0.20.5 is out on
the streets? A zip with both files is attached, just in case.

(See attached file:

Marcelo Jaccoud Amaral
Petrobrás (
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