No, that won't help. It's not the renderer (output format) that uses
most memory, it's the FO tree and the Area tree. FOP actually releases
pages it has produced. The only problem is if FOP cannot output a page
because it isn't fully resolved (page x of y problem for example). In
this case all pages are kept in memory until they are resolved and then
rendered. Splitting PDFs won't help, I'm afraid.

On 14.02.2003 10:01:36 Chieh Tong wrote:
> I'm just thinkinig if it is possible for users to specify how many pages
> of the pdf FOP should produce before it cuts it off and starts a new pdf.
> Maybe this way, memory  usage can be cut?
> I'm only suggesting this but I'm sure it wouldn't be too complex for FOP
> to release from memory the pages it has produced.

Jeremias Maerki

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