That's correct. When you donate source code (be it Java or something
else) to a project of the Apache Foundation it gets the Apache licence.
You must also be entitled to transfer the rights on the code to Apache
Foundation. For example, when you write code when working for a company
you may not donate any code to the Apache Foundation unless your
employer is ok with this. So if you do have written this hyphenation
file from scratch and you are entitled to transfer the rights over to
Apache we're ok. We just have to remove that copyright notice and add in
the Apache Licence. Of course, you may leave your name in there if you

On 14.02.2003 13:06:01 jaccoud wrote:
> I used the license above because the old file did so. I think they came "as
> is" from the TEX sources, and the original licenses where kept. But my
> hyphenation file was written from scratch, and I have no objection to
> changing the license to match FOP's. However, I would like to add a
> matching Portuguese translation to the file, to keep consistency. Which
> license is to be used for the hyphenation files? The same used for the Java
> code, I supose?

Jeremias Maerki

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