Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> don't want another lengthy discussion started with my comments above. It
> may even be best if you did it your way for now (we need to get the ball
> rolling) and we adjusted the code to the Avalon environment as soon as I
> have set it up. I'm still trying to get my mind focused on that task

Actually, I was trying to concede to your approach. Your point about getting
started is well taken, so I will. I am still not up to speed on Avalon, but
will try to keep after that in parallel with this work.

> By the way: Do we have to vote for the full adoption of Avalon in FOP? I
> still sense some resistance on this topic.

I am still too ignorant on the topic to have an opinion. Joerg's comments
about an extra burden on the users worried me, and made me think that I have
misunderstood the whole concept of what Avalon should be doing for us.

Victor Mote

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