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> On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, Arved Sandstrom wrote:
> > I'd like to find out what lawyer thought a long license is
> needed with every
> > file. Because I question that finding.
> Question the board@ (again) for a black/white answer - or work with
> licensing@ for a more interactive reply.

Point taken. I get too much email already, so I've been averse to joining
more lists. Maybe in this case I should join another.

> But Bear in mind that the current 'license' is more than just strictly a
> license; it contains elements of copyright, waiver and an agreement.


> Bear in mind that the answer to vague questions like that carry very
> significant price tags; and are very depended on the exact question; which
> itself by its very nature is inexact.

Yes. It's our business to pose the exact questions. It's the business of the
lawyer to supply an answer.

FWIW, I am not vilifying lawyers. My older sister is one. :-)

I feel like the right questions weren't asked.

> Also bear in mind that there are very, very few layers who actually have
> studied open-source licenses in sufficient dept; and that most answers
> from case-law are about proprietary and protectionist stances; and often
> very US specific; and may be very dated.

Yes, I agree.

> Also bear in mind that the answer differs from jurisdiction to
> jurisdiction; and from how litagationous/defensive the side you want to
> err on is.

Well, I differ from our US friends on this. I prefer to be terse and clear,
and maintain some trust in people.

> Finally bear in mind that the board propably does not want to ask
> expensive questions now with respect to the current license; as the new
> license is not far off - and the new license has taken into account this
> desire to include by reference.

OK, fair enough. I'll wait to see it.


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