I spoke too soon. This gets weirder and more weird. I moved the imagesources directory out of the way and the site built. On the way through, however, it gave me this (among other diagnostics):

 * [0] running.pdf
 * [5] embedding.pdf
 * [0]
-> [broken page] images/EmbeddingExampleFO2PDF.png <-

 * [0]
-> [broken page] images/EmbeddingExampleXML2FO.png <-

 * [0]
-> [broken page] images/EmbeddingExampleXML2PDF.png <-

 * [0]
-> [broken page] images/EmbeddingExampleObj2XML.png <-

 * [0]
-> [broken page] images/EmbeddingExampleObj2PDF.png <-

* [0] anttask.pdf

Note that the failures occur after the running.html (not pdf) line is output earlier in the build.

I have a tree created as an update, and that one works. It's only the clean sheckout that is failing. I originally mistakenly thought that I had checked the imagesources after my update on the first tree, and pounced on that as the problem.


Peter B. West wrote:

It looks as though the problem here was my committing an 'imagesources' directory under resources. I am assuming that the fact that there were .pngs with the same root name as .fig, .dia and .sxd files has confused the file groper.

I am about to cvs rm the files there and find somewhere else for them to live.

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