I continually have problems viewing SVG in Mozilla. I can see it OK in M$IE but I hate using it. What would it take to create JPG versions of the SVG submissions?

<rant>I definitely think that a requirement for the logo is an SVG version (scalability, blah blah...), but shouldn't we have the LOGO submissions be in JPG or GIF so that we can view them all on the same page without resorting to the monopoly browser? Having to go to Netscape.com and try to find an SVG plugin (which I never got to "work" in my browser) is a bit annoying. Every time someone e-mailed a JPG or GIF file, I looked at it and thought... cool. Every time someone e-mailed an SVG, I thought "$#&%! I can't view the darn thing!" I must've gone to the Netscape plugin page 5 times trying to get SVG to work in Mozilla's browser/Messenger but to no avail. My $.02</rant>

p.s. Please forgive the rant! The coffee's still brewing... ;-)

J.Pietschmann wrote:
Peter B. West wrote:

This will have to wait until Joerg gets back from London.

...and until a SVG viewer is up and running :-/


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