The following fo apparently causes the last line of text from the text area of the parent fo:block to be rendered twice, once before the child fo:block and once after it. That is, supposing that "deducted as an itemized deduction" is the last line of the parent block, this same text will be repeated after the child block element.

<fo:leader leader-length="6.0mm" leader-pattern="space"/>
<fo:inline font-weight="bold">DISCUSSION:</fo:inline> his/her employer for the expenses and the expenses equal the reimbursement. All other business expenses incurred by employees (except those incurred by a qualified performing artist) are deducted from adjusted gross income [Sec. 62(a)]. Justins gross income was $31,500 ($30,000 salary + $1,500 expense allowance). When the employee receives an allowance and does not account to the employer for the expenses, the expense allowance is included in gross income, and the expenses are deducted as an itemized deduction.
<fo:block line-height="1em + 1pt" space-after="0mm" space-before="0mm"><fo:leader rule-style="none" leader-length="5mm"/>Therefore, Justins adjusted gross income is $31,500, and his travel, lodging, and entertainment expenses are deductible from adjusted gross income.</fo:block>

The same behavior occurs if the child element is an fo:table as well. This did not occur with version 0.20.4.
Any help with this will be appreciated,
matthew l. avizinis
Gleim Publications, Inc. <>

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