> I was curious and tried your code. Look like the drawImage method in
> question isn't implemented in PDFGraphics2D.java.

This is fixed in cvs, just moved some code.

> I modified your code and got a image in PDF when I did the following:
>         while(!PDFGenerator1.drawImage(img, 400, 300, panel)) {
>             Thread.sleep(200);
>         }

The TestPDFGen now works with both draw image methods provided you wait on 
the observer as above.

> Not in the right place and with the right size, but the image
> nonetheless. Looks like Graphics2D.java still needs a little work.
> Also, maybe using System.out to create PDFs using FOP may not be the
> best idea because there are still some System.out.println statements
> scattered around the codebase.
> Maybe that helps.

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