Hi Jeremias,

The patterns were working to a degree as far as I know.
The one under src/documentation/content/xdocs/dev/svg/paints.svg
partly works but the patterns have the wrong transform and patterns in patterns 
gives an error when viewing with acrobat 5. I can fix the angle of the transform 
but I can't figure out the translation.
The tests under batik however show a number of problems.
I did notice that there are a few problems with \n characters, extra or missing, for 
example after the filter.
I am also getting a problem with no number assigned in the PDFGoTo with the 

So in what way is it not working for you, is the pattern not visible which may be 
due to a wrong transform or is it some other problem.



during testing I found that type 1 patterns didn't work. Was that always
so? I coded a little proggie that built a PDF from scratch by hand with
only the PDF library and I was able to create a working type 1 pattern.
I also tried to edit a simple PDF generated by the PDF transcoder to
make it work, but I always got nothing. If you want to look into it, I
can send you my code and ultra-simple testcase.

Jeremias Maerki

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